Crime And Punishment : The State Of Texas Essay example

Crime And Punishment : The State Of Texas Essay example

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Most crimes have several degrees to which a person can be charged. Stealing from another person has multiple layers depending on the value of what was taken and whether an offender used force or intimidation against the victim. If you cause the death of another person, willfully or not, there are, again, degrees of culpability. As if knowing all of this isn 't enough, the charges you will be facing are all dependent on the state a person committed the crime in. The state of Texas for example has eight classifications of crime and punishment ranges. For the purpose of writing this paper, I have chosen the state of Colorado since it is where I currently live. The state of Colorado has nine classifications of misdemeanor and felony charges. Each of these will find a person facing the possibility of monetary punishment, county jail or prison time depending on what level of felony or misdemeanor they have committed. A class 3 misdemeanor is the least serious under Colorado’s laws, punishable by up to six months in jail, a fine up to $750, or both. (C.R.S. § 18-1.3-501.) A class 1 felony is the most serious crime a person can commit in Colorado and is punishable by life imprisonment or the death penalty. (C.R.S. § 18-1.3-401.) First degree murder is an example of falls under the realm of a class 1 felony.
Degrees of Homicide Discussion

Anyone who causes the death of another may be facing criminal charges after the fact. However, causing the death of another person is not always criminal. There are cases of justifiable homicide. In the eyes of the law there will be certain cases where causing the death of another person was not a criminal act. Whenever an offender is at fault for the death is when the city, state, etc. must begin...

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...ation to get what they are after, then they are committing a burglary and not just a theft. With burglary, there is not any discussion of value of what was taken in determining the crime that was committed. The statute simply says you 've committed burglary, here is the degree to which it was committed and here 's your charge. Another difference is that there are no provisions for a habitual thief to receive a harsher sentence for repeat offenses. They can just simply keep stealing and will face charges for whatever the value of the items was. Finally, statutes say that it is illegal to be in possession of burglary tools. I do not know exactly how they define “burglary tools” and think this could be just a little ambiguous when it comes to pressing charges. Either way, my point is there are no provisions to say a person cannot have “theft” tools in their possession.

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