CPOE: Literature Review and Possible Solutions Essay

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Weighted Objectives
Our facility has given weight to the top four considerations for a CPOE system. Equally important to us is a system geared both towards the safety of our residents and user friendly for adoption so a weighted value of 30% has been given to each requirement. Security and HIPPA compliance, although a must, is somewhat assumed to be the industry standard of information systems and applications, and we have given its value as 25%. Finally, the ability to interface with other systems and applications, although a ways down the road is a requirement that we must take into consideration and this was given a value of 15%.
CPOE Solutions
To reiterate, we are a LTC facility and to date we do not have an EHR of any type. The first option in looking for a CPOE was to find a stand-alone solution. According to the CPOE/E-prescribing Solutions Guide by Health Management Technology (2013), the PatientKeeper CPOE (PKCPOE) is easy for physicians to use and learn, allowing them to enter orders on their smartphone or tablet in addition to laptop or desktop computers. KLAS®Research recognized the PKCPOE solution as the most user-friendly CPOE stand alone solution on the market with an
Ease of Use Rating of 8.3 (out of 9) with an overall performance score of 86.4 (PatientKeeper, 2013). We need a solution that our medical director and visiting physicians will want to use and since all of our physicians use smartphones and tablets, integrating a CPOE with mobile workflow is a great way to achieve physician buy-in. PatientKeeper Mobile CPOE works with the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android-or Windows based systems. Physicians can add their favorite orders to a personalized favorites list ...

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