Countries with English as a Second Language Essay

Countries with English as a Second Language Essay

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An introduction is the first point in everything we want to do. In this proposal writing, the first chapter is introduction, which contains Background of the Study, Reason for Choosing the Topic, Statement of the Problem, Objective of the Study, Hypothesis, Limitation of the Problem, Significance of the Study, Definition of Key Terms and Organization of the Research.
1.1 Background of the Study
One of language function is as a communication tool. Some countries use English as a second language, for example Malaysia and Singapore. In Indonesia, English is a foreign language. The Indonesian government chooses English as the first foreign language to be taught in the schools such as in Junior High School (SMP), Senior High School (SMA) and University. It is important for students to learn the language because English is not only an international language but also a language of science.
Some students feel difficult to master English because they only get a few times to learn and practice it every week in the school. Learning English involves mastery of four skills such as listening, reading, speaking and writing. Writing skill is more complex and difficult skill to be taught because it is not only requiring mastery on grammatical and rhetorical devices but also on conceptual and judgement devices (Heaton, 1975:138). Therefore, the teacher should be creative in delivering the lesson, in order to attract their interestsof the students with the topic being taught. Teaching is not easy but it is very important and rewarding when teachers see the students can achive the teaching learning process target.
Some students think that Englishis difficult and makes them stressful. However, the teacher can make it enjoyab...

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...tructions for doing something. The purpose is to explain how something can be done.

1.9 Organization of the Research
The writer devided the proposal writing into three chapters :
Chapter I is introduction which consist of Background of the Study, Reason for the Topic, Statement of the Problem, Objective of the Study, Hypothesis, Limitation of the Problem, Significance of the Study, definition of Key Terms and Organization of the Research.
Chapter II, the Review of Related Literature of the Definition of Writing, Definition of Procedure Text, General Concept of Procedure Text, Definition of Media, Definition of Food Packages.
Chapter III, the Methods of the Research, which consist of Research Design, Subject of the Study, Instrument of the Study, Method of Collecting Data, Procedure of Collecting Data, The criteria of the Test, Method of Analyzing data.

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