Essay on The Cost of Illegal Downloading

Essay on The Cost of Illegal Downloading

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At the end of the 20th century, file sharing and illegal downloading through Napster were the biggest hits among audiences everywhere. Because of this, many people started to believe that the music industry was failing due to declining CD sales. Although a valid statement, the music industry is not failing; instead, it is changing in many aspects due to file sharing and illegal downloading.
Music is always evolving in new and innovative ways, regardless of the minor comeback vinyl records have made. Today, digital files are the most popular form of obtaining music. When one has a digital file of music, he/she is able to share with others without changing the file, in terms of quality. What makes this possible is the binary coding that comes with any digital file. Binary code is the combination of “0” and “1” that compose a file, much like how DNA makes people who they are. Since binary code cannot be physically damaged, most people would prefer a digital file to a hard copy, like a CD, that can be physically damaged.
Obviously, physical albums cost money. The benefit to file sharing and illegal downloading is that they do not cost money. People prefer to obtain music that is free instead of spending ten dollars on an album, so file sharing and illegal downloading are more appealing to the listener. The other benefit of file sharing is that it is readily available. People today have been accustomed to have instant access to almost anything they want. The fact that someone can obtain their music through a few clicks on the Internet, for free nonetheless, instead of taking a trip to the record store is appealing to most audiences because they can get their music with the least amount of hassle and effort. This fits the desires th...

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