The Conversion Of Assets Into Power Essay

The Conversion Of Assets Into Power Essay

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“The conversion of assets into power generates a variety of sanctions, rewards, and instruments to penalize those who resist, to reward those who assist, to remove those who block, and to provide facilities for those who implement a collectively-set course of action.” (Etzioni 357). Amitai Etzioni is an Israeli-American philosopher, his work is mostly encapsulated in the field of socioeconomics. More specifically though, his work in communitarianism is significant. Communitarianism is the philosophy where there is a notional connection between the individual and the community. The subject of communitarianism is ever so present in the novel Invisible Man and is clearly evident when the narrator’s identity is reflected through his interactions with his surrounding community. In the ocular lenses of the narrator, the world is a secular and unequal place in all aspects. It is rigged for those who follow a certain set of codes and agendas, and the flow of change is not recognized in this pattern. In the end of it all, the narrator cannot find his identity within society, but does that mean the journey of himself didn’t change the identity that is present at the end of the novel?
For each and every person, there is a place that can be pointed to, to show where you became something or how you became something. The most redundant answer to this predicament is someone 's hometown. A hometown is a place a person grew up in, a community they related to and absorbed. In the novel Invisible Man, the narrator’s hometown community is not one to assist in finding his identity. At the commencement of the novel the narrator reminisces on what the community he grew up in provided him, “All my life I had been looking for something, and ev...

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...inally a glimpse towards the realization of his individual identity separate from the community around him.
All the communities had failed the narrator to identify an identity with it, just as the narrator failed the community by not creating an identity with it. This being said, the identity of the narrator did shift from the beginning of the novel to the end. In the beginning he was a innocent boy who wanted nothing more than to be a part of something, but didn’t see the possibility in the face of white supremacy. Whereas in the end of the novel, the narrator sees his place in the world and calls a plan of action to himself, to participate and be something in the world surrounding him. What is there left of a man who has given up on himself? What does that man have to offer the community around him that has failed him time after time? It’s clear as day. Hope.

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