Contemporary Issues in Management

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4) It is apparent that the only thing constant in business is change. Organizational change is often an overwhelming challenge for business leaders, managers and employees alike. The need for change may be the result of market shifts, economic environment, technology advancements or changing work force skill-set demands. Today Organizational change occurs for reasons that originate external to the organization (Chandler, 1996: Hannan & Freeman, 1984), as well as internal to the organization (Baker 1990: Prechel 1994). Thus, External constraints, internal constraints, resource dependency and increasingly growing competitive markets force organizations to change in order to maximize economic potential. Although organizational changes are usually a response in reaction to an event, companies and leaders should still expect to encounter issues. Organizations need to be more proactive and contingent on how to handle the problems that will inevitably come about. This will make the process of organizational change go smoothly as well as reduce resistance through proper management techniques. Resource dependency argues that both environmental and organizational constraints impact organizational change (Pfeffer & Salancik, 2003). One of the first scholars to describe the process of organizational change was Lewin (1974). He described change as a three-stage process that consists of unfreezing, moving and freezing stage. During the unfreezing stage the organizations become motivated to change by some event or objective. The moving stage is like implementation when the organization actually makes the necessary change. Furthermore the freezing stage is reached when the change becomes permanent. Organizational change has also... ... middle of paper ... ...y direct quotations. I have to learn how to properly integrate other peoples work into my own writings. I will take note of the five recommendations APA's Science Directorate gives to help researchers uphold ethical research standards which include: 1. Discuss intellectual property 2. Be Conscious of Multiple Roles 3. Follow consent rules 4. Respect Confidentially and Privacy 5. Tap into Ethical Resources In addition I will make sure that IRB will have all of my information about my study and the participants and also the consent process. This will make the research process easier and it will ensure that the confidentiality of the participants and everyone involved will be protected at all cost. I will also keep in mind that dishonesty includes fabrication and falsification, faulty data gathering, misleading authorship as well as sneaky publication practices.
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