Contemporary Issues in Christianity: Environmental Ethics Essay

Contemporary Issues in Christianity: Environmental Ethics Essay

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“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1 NIV). First God created and fostered an environment for which His children were to live. He gave it light, water, land, vegetation, creatures on land and sea then finally man and women in His own image. God delighted in everything He created then gave everything to man to cultivate for man’s existence and to glorify Him. Christian faiths are divided in their approach to Christian environmentalism. There are those who claim the relationship between humans and the environment is anthropocentric and others that take a broader view of biocentrism. The message that God gives us is to look at the world of nature and see that the care of the earth is essential to the care that we must show others.
In the last several years the world has moved into more awareness of our carbon footprint, so inquisitive Christians have become more aware of their relationship to God’s creation. This has caused Christians to turn to the bible for answers to their environmental questions. In Genesis 1:29-30, God gave it all to Adam and commanded him to rule over and be served by His creation. God delighted in His creation He commissioned us to serve as stewards of and enjoy the earth. In Psalms 8:3-8 He held mankind in an exalted place giving us all of creation and commanding us as caretakers. In Deuteronomy 22:6-7 God commands us to tend to creation so it can be preserved and regenerated. There is a new sense of urgency and cohesion to unite Christians to be more mindful of our impact on the environment. Many individual religions do not make the environment as a focal point of God’s creation, they focus on mankind. However there are gatherings of like-minded people who have...

... middle of paper ... to God for all of creation that He has put before us as consumers and caretakers. It is the Lord that created the earth for us all to live in while we are in physical form. It is His commission that as churches we obey Him and His commission to the faithful stewards of the earth and each other. He is expressed in every daylight and sunset; every creature, mountain, ocean, and plant. His divine power is expressed in every storm, earthquake, flood, or tornado. Through His power is a commission for mankind to respect all forms of life, human as well as nature.

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