Conformity In Arlie Russell's Stranger In Their Own Land Essay

Conformity In Arlie Russell's Stranger In Their Own Land Essay

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Conformity: compliance with standards, rules, or laws. This theme was clearly presented in the book Stranger in Their Own Land by Arlie Russell. This book is about the sociologist Arlie Russell’s journey, or experience visiting the “red states” of America to try and find out the point of view of conservatives, as she herself was liberal. She takes on this experience to learn more on our countries divided political views and see what we could agree on, or at least compromise on. In this book, I believe conformity is a big theme because many of the people Russell interviewed may have considered themselves patriotic and nationalistic. These two words resonate strongly with conformity in the way that everyone goes with the standards of America, or at least the conservatives do. The theme rebellion is also a big theme in this book because there are always people that disagree or go against the norms and rebel towards America. Russell also explores that theme in the book. The Latehomecomer doesn’t fit those themes because it for other themes like family and struggle.
Conformity is a big an...

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