The Concept of Infinity and Immeasurability in Jorge Borges' The Library of Babel

The Concept of Infinity and Immeasurability in Jorge Borges' The Library of Babel

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In the allegory, The Library of Babel, the writer, Jorge Borges metaphorically compares life to a library. Given a muse with such multifarious connotations, Borges explores a variety of themes. However, the theme I found the most obvious and most pervasive was the concept of infinity which goes alongside the concurrent theme of immeasurability. These two themes, the author, seems to see as factual.
From the introduction, one starts to see this theme take form: the writer describes the library as a composition of an infinite number of galleries. Further into the first paragraph, the imagery is becoming more vivid as the writer describes the spiral stairways as sinking immeasurably deep and in the second part of the sentence, the stairway is personified as soaring to far places. The next sentence introduces a contrasting opine regarding the Library-according to men, it is not infinite. The author is not swayed though as he states that he will rather dream that the Library is infinite. This repetition serves to reinforce the author’s view.
The second paragraph carries on this tone ...

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