Essay on Computer Software called Shadow Defender

Essay on Computer Software called Shadow Defender

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Every problem encountered by the firm has an equivalent solution, with the exception of power outage which cannot be controlled by the firm or its owner. In order to address the problem with poor internet connection the owner first identifies what causes the problem with the connection, this can be various things, as previously stated, such as faulty wiring, loose cable connections and modem errors. If the problem seems easy to handle then the owner find ways to fix it himself, if not, the internet provider is called, similar to if there are regular occurrences of a certain problem and if the problem arises with the internet connection itself.
In the incident where there are virus attacks in the computers in the network café, the owner installed a computer software called Shadow Defender which is a security and privacy protection tool, it allows system administrators to protect the core operating system and configuration of files on a workstation or server by restoring a computer back to its original configuration each time the computer restarts. ( The computer should be in a clean state prior to the installation of this program, the reason behind this is because this particular state will be the “original” configuration so if a virus infected flash drive is then used in one of the units of the firm and gets infected, the owner need only to restart the computer and it shall restore the unit to its original state and thus the virus will no longer be present.
On the other hand, if the problem is hardware failure the only option for the owner is to replace the damaged parts, the owner stated that the reason why he does not opt for repairs is because there are higher risks that the repaired parts will no...

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... business if he is not knowledgeable in that area. As far as the researchers are concerned the owner, Mr. Kenneth Luna Cajucom, knows how to manage and handle the problems that his firm encounters.

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