Computer And The Computer Best Serve The Buyer Needs Essay

Computer And The Computer Best Serve The Buyer Needs Essay

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1. I would consider one of the most sensitivities is what could one can afford to spend. Other things to consider sensitive are the capabilities of the computer and how can the computer best serve the buyer needs. How much hard drive space, and Random Access Memory (RAM), in case the need is to play games and or watch movies. Some people may need these things to download information. Others may want the higher speed and better video for watching movies.
Sound could also be a key requirement for fast speed and playing games with the graphics. Today, the amount of storage is important for work usage and accessing documents faster with customer’s information. In addition, there is a need for security features because you want to have your information safe. I need the speed, RAM to make stock trades and watching videos, therefore the storages space is critical for me, and I open a lot of windows at the same time so I don’t need the computer to lock up. I also look at the cost and do not want to pay for something I am not using, especially when the computer change so fast today.
2. I will address a few things that some companies have already done to cut cost, because of the being able to access your data from anywhere in the United States. There are no CD players being sold in some laptops anymore and it is much lighter. Computers are a requirement for most people today and decreasing some of the components and making them lighter and cheaper is more accessible and affordable. I think offering products with trial periods of value to try out a program is good and sometime the word of months could increase the sales and market share. For example, Netflix, one month usage, or the Microsoft Operation system usag...

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...rn to that hotel and that will provide additional revenue opportunities? The organization may want to hold a conference and there will be a need for the use of additional rooms and conference rooms, etc. Airlines adds the opportunities to sale more seats, therefore there are no other revenue generating opportunities unless it sale some beverages on the flight. Hotel’s has more to offer to the business class for a set period and additional discounts. Whereas the airlines flights offer the wider seats and better service.
10. I would say this tactic is great not only will you have additional conversation with the person receiving the free piano lesson but also you develop a relationship that can have a positive impact on getting more customers. The segment is those people that want to learn more about playing the piano and at the same time you are making a sale.

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