Essay about Components Of An Electronic Health Record System

Essay about Components Of An Electronic Health Record System

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There are five functional components of an electronic health record system:

a) integrated view of patient data: An integrated EHR must accommodate a broad spectrum of data types ranging from text to numbers and from tracings to images and video. More complex data types such as radiology images are usually delivered from human viewing-standards like DICOM. Exist for displaying most of these complex data types, and JPEG display of images is universally available for any kind of image. Example DICOM, VistA CPRS electronic health record system, which integrates a variety of text data and images into a patient report data screen including: demographics, a detailed list of the patient’s procedures, a DICOM chest X-ray image, and JPG photos. Other tabs include links to problems, medications, orders, notes, consults, discharge summary, and labs. HL7 interface to capture data from systems such as EKG carts, cardiology systems, radiology imaging systems, anesthesia systems, off-site laboratories, community pharmacies and external collaborating health systems.
b) clinician order entry: the point at which clinicians make decisions and take actions, and the computer can provide assistance. Also, it reduces errors and costs. It facilitates opportunities to deliver decision support at the point where clinical decisions are being made with alert systems for drug interactions, allergies etc. Example
c) clinical decision support: Reminders from decision support improve the care process (Haynes 2011; Damiani et al. 2010; Schedlbauer et al. 2009). The EHR can deliver decision support in batch mode at intervals across a whole practice population in order to identify patients who are not reaching treatment targets, are past due for immunizations or...

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...tions can provide patients with secure online access to their EHR and integrated communication tools to ask medical questions or conveniently perform other clinical (e.g., renew a prescription) or administrative tasks (e.g., schedule an appointment). : When physicians asks the patient to schedule a diagnostic test such as a mammogram, an EHR system can keep track of the time since the order was written and can notify the physician that a test result has not appeared in a specified time. This tracking function prevents diagnostic plans from falling through the cracks. eHealth applications can provide patients with secure access to their EHR and provide integrated communication tools to ask medical questions or perform other clinical or administrative tasks conveniently online. Example

2. Describe 3 scenarios or circumstances by which data contained

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