Communist War And Its Effects On The World War II Essay

Communist War And Its Effects On The World War II Essay

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In 1918 War Communism was introduced by Lenin which main focus was to nationalise all industry and put all their efforts into the war. This meant for the peasants that any extra grain they grew they would have taken away and distributed among urban workers and Red Army soldiers. In May 1918 Food Supplies Dictatorship was set up to forcibly requisition grain; the peasants began to resent Lenin as he had promised “all land to the people”. However because most peasants were able to secure the privately owned land via The Land Decree of 1917 the majority of peasants had a stronger economic stance therefore were able to resist requisitioning and in the process many had left the Mir and had secured land elsewhere meaning that many were not aware they had to hand over crop surplus. Even though Lenin had decreed this which would have suppressed the agricultural peasants like the Mir and later collectivisation it was not strictly enforced and many peasants were able to return to farming which was suitable for them. Along with War communism was the abolishment of tax which had previously inundated peasants, preventing them from making a profit from their livelihood. However the overall economy suffered as money as means of exchange was abolished and effectively bartering would be introduced in what would become a huge black market. This in essence would mean that peasants would earn less than before however the grain they were producing was highly sought after and they could determine what to exchange it for. Therefore when money exchange was introduced back into the economy through the New Economic Policy many peasants had accumulated material wealth that exceeded the worth of the rouble.

Due to War Communism the economy suffered heavil...

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...ussia’s population and produced the key to Russia’s economic future. It was only Lenin’s Tax In Kind policy that proved both effective in increasing agricultural production and strengthening the peasant’s economic stance. Despite the disastrous War Communism Lenin was able to realise the effects and sought to stabilise economy through the NEP which was a medium between autocratic and communist rule. It was between the years 1918-1924 that peasants were able to take advantage of market and demand with the aid of trade freedoms and self sufficient farms. Under Stalin peasants were viewed as a source of revenue for the state and whose sole purpose was to feed the urban worker which would pioneer the future soviet state. Thus peasants under the Tsar would serve the nobility and under Stalin they served the state, it was only under Lenin that peasants were able to thrive.

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