The Commanalities of Plan and Form in Thomas Herzog's Private House in Regensburg

The Commanalities of Plan and Form in Thomas Herzog's Private House in Regensburg

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The Private House in Regensburg was built in 1979, is Thomas Herzog’s own home; one can declare that he is the client and designer himself thus fulfilling his own needs or desires for the site itself, is referred to as ‘his Wohnhaus in Regensberg (1979), with its steep, ground-sweeping pitched roof, is content to get its summer shading from the tree canopy above’. (Rattenbury, et al., 2004)

Throughout this essay I will analyse Thomas Herzog’s House at Regensburg explaining the commonalities of plan and form, also looking at different themes and principles behind different aspects of the house. Also looking at how the houses are syncing in with the environment, in comparison to two other houses during the twentieth century.

The house demonstrates particular principles of energy efficiency, making it an early eco-home. This can be shown by the use of local materials, or how it has taken advantage of the site for such characteristics like protection and aesthetics.

Thomas Herzog was born in during World War 2 (1941), in Munich, Germany. In 1965 he completed his diploma for architecture at the Technische Universität München (University of München) and in 1973 he became Germany’s youngest professor of architecture at the age of thirty-two. He is now known famously for his work on eco-tech architecture.

During the 1970s Architects first started to think about low-energy buildings, this was due to the oil crisis in the early 1970s. Which resulted in experimental houses of different styles, thus being quoted as the ‘alternative anti-industrial ideology’. (Davies, C. 2006) Whereas Herzog did not adopt this style, he carried on using the Modernist tradition. Herzog was an early pioneer of pneumatics and low-energy architecture ...

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...form. Each house is set in a different decade that shows the use of modernism throughout this period, this is shown via materials and spaces created within each home. All the houses use D.I.Y aesthetics that links back to the ‘lean 2 shed’. Each house concentrates on the look and appearance, this is shown by the way each house is trying to camouflage into the environment, to act as one. Each has also has a clever plan and form to allow sunlight to impact the house where Herzog used it to gain solar energy, linking to Cullinan who designed the house to act as a passive solar home, following onto Eames who tried to create effects of lighting entering the house to create the interior using the forms of light. The houses are pertaining to, or have the characteristic of architectural vernacular; this can be shown in plan and form even though they are built decades apart.

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