Columbus ' Cruelty : Christopher Columbus Essay

Columbus ' Cruelty : Christopher Columbus Essay

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Columbus’ Cruelty

Zach Dubinsky
Freshman Seminar
Mr. Kean
Columbus Paper
Christopher was and always will be a controversial figure on what he did and discovered. He did discover new land, but he did not get where he wanted to go. He always loved to and had a passion to sail. Starting from his first voyage he took his ownership and power way too far. I do not believe that Columbus Day should be celebrated because it honors slavery.
In 1451, Christopher Columbus was born. He was born in a city called Genoa, which is now in present day Italy. Columbus’ father was a wool weaver, wool merchant, tavern keeper, and a political appointee. When he was growing up he was very limited with his education, but he still read a ton of books when he finished childhood. Columbus always had a passion for sailing for sailing even at a young age, he was always wondering about the world. During the 1490’s there was a lot going on at this time such as the splitting of the churches, secularism and consisted of lots of power. Columbus was totally for and he supported Christianity during this time.
1492 is when Columbus took off on his first journey. The boats that he sailed on where Pinta, nao, and the Nina. The crew that Columbus brought with him contained approximately ninety men, even three including men from the local jail. On September sixth the ship took off sailing west. The voyage went well and smooth, little winds, and very little fights between the crew. After six days one of the ships found land, the land they found is the Bahamas, but Columbus and his crew thought they landed in Asia, so they called the people living there Indians.
During this voyage on the members decided to leave without permission ,and started s...

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