Collage - Repurposing For Artists Essay

Collage - Repurposing For Artists Essay

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Collage artists have been repurposing for years. It was called recycling, before it became trendy, and frugal folks have always been involved in it.
Collage is a term derived from the French word for glue. Paper, string, ribbon, photos and other objects are commonly used to embellish paintings. Found objects, items that have a non-artistic use, are also incorporated into a work of art.
Collage has been seen in artwork many hundreds of years old, but it began to take a significant place in art just after the turn of the 20th century. Pablo Picasso and Georges Braques both came up with the phrase to define the new approach of art they were creating as a specific style of modern art.

No Saggy Supports, Please
Anything that will fit on a support without falling off is fair game for the collage artist. The first thing to consider, however, is how much weight is going to be attached to the support.
If paper, threads, beads, photos and very small objects will be used in a piece, standard canvas or paper may be considered as the support for the work. If, on the other hand, the artist plans on adhering large amounts or heavy pieces to his painting, he should use a rigid support. Gessoed Masonite is a practical, sturdy support that can hold considerable weight without flexing. This is important, as movement of the support can weaken the glue holding the assemblage, cracking and dislodging the items.

Composition And Collage
Collage is typically pre-planned, to some degree. The artist has a theme or specific composition in mind, and plans to use found objects or additions to the painting. The artist will compose his work just as he normally does, with the idea that certain elements will be added to specific locations on his pa...

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... it. Other adhesives are water-based and may be susceptible to weakening if exposed to high humidity. An organic adhesive such as wheat paste could deteriorate if exposed to certain chemicals or conditions. Glue sticks may not have the permanence required for the life expectancy of the artwork.
The main point is to test out the adhesive product being considered to make sure that it will be suitable for the items the artist is planning to use in his work.

Collage is a fun, creative way to personalize art in a way that artists of all ages can enjoy. Young artists will enjoy creating unique masterpieces with scissors, paper, magazines and other easy-to-use items. A serious art student will find inventive ways to grow and expand his repertoire of artistic skills.
Collage appeals to everyone, and is a colorful and engaging medium that has limitless possibilities.

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