Essay on Coffee Is An American Coffee Company And Coffee Shop Chain

Essay on Coffee Is An American Coffee Company And Coffee Shop Chain

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Philz Coffee is an American coffee company and coffee shop chain founded in San Francisco, California by Phil Jaber, a Palestinian immigrant from Rammallah, West Bank, in 2003. Jaber owned and operated a corner grocery store in the Mission District of San Francisco for 25 years. Having established strong ties with the community and engaging them in the coffee blend development and selection process, Jaber turned this very same store on the corner of 24th Street and Folsom Street into the first Philz Coffee location. Today, Philz has thirty-six locations across three U.S. cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.
Philz Coffee prides itself on brewing every cup of coffee one at a time upon ordering. Unlike other American coffee shops, Philz does not serve any espresso-based drinks, cappuccinos, lattes, or pre-brewed coffee. Instead, they only serve pour-over coffee and are known for their highly caffeinated blends, developed by Jaber himself after years of experimentation and community engagement. Philz is a full service coffee bar, meaning employees of Philz will grind whichever beans the customer chooses after giving the customer a brief explanation of the different blends of coffee, roasted at their very own roasting plant in Oakland, California, and providing them with a knowledgeable recommendation based on the customers likes and needs, grind the beans and brew them, and finally, will mix in your cream and sugar however you prefer. If the customer does not have a preferred way of drinking their coffee, Philz employees will recommend having the coffee “Philz Way,” medium sweet with cream.
The mission statement of Philz Coffee and the idea upon which their corporate strategy is based on is simply, “Better people’...

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... the customer’s taste or preference. In addition to listening in their stores, Philz also encourages feedback by their customers via the “Contact Us” page on their website. Their willingness to listen has brought them great success and a very favorable reputation among consumers.
Over recent years, technology has slightly shifted power in the marketplace from producers to consumers. The internet, social media, and rating apps such as Yelp have created a more even playing field. Now more than ever listening to and protecting the rights of consumers is an absolute necessity for companies. Philz has upheld the rights of their consumers since they opened their first shop. They have also consistently empowered their consumers by providing them with complete knowledge of their product. It is no surprise that they are growing in this highly competitive coffee shop industry.

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