The Code Of Hammurabi And The United States Essay

The Code Of Hammurabi And The United States Essay

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The formation and history of the judge, tied closely with the rich history of the law, has no clear beginning. The law gradually formed over the centuries into the law that is used in the United States today. In ancient societies, the smartest, wisest, or the most powerful would act as judge and settle disputes among the people. In monarchies, citizens could bring their troubles to the presiding ruler to be settled. Containing rules and punishments, the first official law known is the Code of Hammurabi, formed around 1780 BC (Institute 2) . Later in 200 BC, the Romans developed a legal process similar to today 's. Magistrates, a type of judge, were chosen to represent the government in legal matters. Educated men also became a form of lawyer to help the citizens navigate the ever growing and changing law. Around 1066 AD, the English Common Law arose. The Common Law stated that the law could change meaning over the years. The American legal system is based on this method of government. The judge then became an official integrated part of the law and government known today (Insitute 3).
The daily life of judges is full of tasks and responsibilities. As described on Career Cruising Database, responsibilities of almost all judges can include choosing to grant a trial at pretrial cases, choosing sentences and punishments for convicted criminals, making sure that all the proper procedures are followed during the court process, and in cases where no jury is present, deciding the verdict. The verdict could be guilty or innocent (Career Cruising). Judges must be honest, reliable, compassionate, and able to handle stress to keep order in the courtroom and manage the courthouse (O*NET). Giving presentations, meeting with grou...

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...ill continuously change due the economies and budgets that the states employing judges have. Finally, courts will become more reliant on technology and less on paperwork as the law adapts and changes with the always changing world (Hatch).

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