Clustering: Keeping Malware Out in Android Applications Essay

Clustering: Keeping Malware Out in Android Applications Essay

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Due to the existence of malware samples in large amount of data malware
detection techniques are introduced. Machine learning techniques are being
applied to classify the applications focusing malware detection. Android
has impressive growth in the domain of smart phones. Hence to overcome
its better to group malware samples with structural similarities. Clustering
technique in Android applications is an important technique in machine
learning and gives automatic classi cation of applications by categorizing
malware. Clustering keeps similar applications in one cluster and it gives
good results with information retrieval. Following steps can be included in
the process of applications clustering:
Android Manifest le speci es the permissions needed by the application.
These les ask for permission to access restricted elements like hardware devices
and contacts of the Android operating system. To cluster the malware
behavior clustering algorithms such as hierarchical and partitioning-based
clustering like K-Means or K-Medoids are used. Various clustering algorithms
are discussed be...

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