Essay on The Clinical Perception Of Sexual Addiction

Essay on The Clinical Perception Of Sexual Addiction

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"Seventeen to thirty seven million Americans struggle with sexual addictions" (Hagedorn & Juhnke, 2005, p. 66). These numbers are superior than the amount of Americans who are addicted to gambling or have eating disorders. Sexual addiction is consistently associated with negative judgment because its patterns often involve betrayal, illuminate previously hidden sexual behaviors and threaten patterns with abandonment (Levine, 2010). Levine (2010) stated, "The clinical perception of sexual addiction is based on behaviors that are destructive to somebody such as to the individual themselves, the spouse, lover, family, employer, or society" (p. 263). The term sexual addiction has limitations and it can imply that sexual stimulation acts like a drug on the nervous system and can be dangerous (Levine, 2010). Also, it can imply that the individual has an addictive personality and sex is the current medium that manifests it.
Sexual addiction has been increasing due to the affordability and accessibility of sexually explicit material available on the internet. Levine (2010) stated, "The internet offers more possibilities for devotion to sexual pleasures through ready access to pornography and prostitution services, chatting with people who have similar sexual interests and concerns, and playing erotic games" (p.261). It is common for clinicians to be untrained to assist clients who are sexually addicted. Clinicians are not sure when it should be dealt with as a separate category of behavioral disorder, as a symptom of an underlying problem, or as a personal choice.
Since the limits of sexual normality are not clearly defined and the symptom patterns are not distinct, the DSM 5 did not accept sexual addiction as a psychiatric disorder. S...

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... is typically necessary to encourage healthy relationships and satisfying sexual experiences during recovery.
Even if the individual is labeled as compulsive, impulsive, hypersexual, or addicted, treatment consists of approaches that are frequently used for addiction. These treatments include group and individual therapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral approaches to identify triggers, dialectical behavior techniques to manage cravings, relapse prevention strategies, insight-oriented therapy to identify deeper causes, family therapy to resolve conflicts, treatment of comorbid metal illness and addictions, appropriate 12-step based recovery groups and psychopharmacology (Carnes, O 'Connor, & Rosenberg, 2014). Through treatment, a great focus is placed on self care such as nutrition, physical exercise, rest, introspection, friendship and healthy living.

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