Climate Change: Who's to Blame? Essay

Climate Change: Who's to Blame? Essay

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Climate change is defined as the alteration in patterns in temperature and weather. A new wave of climate change, bringing warmer temperatures and more extreme storms, began to catch the attention of scientists sometime in the late 20th century. It is blamed perhaps on the increased burning of fossil fuels, contributing to the greenhouse gases that harm the environment (“Climate Change,” CQ). On the contrary, it is something that simply occurs naturally. It occurs over long periods of time and has several years of increased change. For example, one extremely cold winter that occurs only once does not indicate climate change (“Climate Change,” Berkshire). However, having hotter summers than ever before for long periods of time, as we are witnessing now, does indicate climate change. The increase in occurrence of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes, is means for saying climate change does exist, as is the general change in temperature.
Climate change has been an up and coming issue with a lot of controversy surrounding it for the passed few years. It continues to grow and become even more controversial, as opinions are becoming more and more diametric. It generally seems as if there are two sides: one being that climate change exists as the fault of humans and the other being that it exists by natural occurrence. These opposing views are pretty extreme, but most people seem to be somewhere in the middle and a little less radical. I have found that all scientists openly testify that climate change is real, as do most humans, but there is deviation within where to place the blame (“Climate Change,” Encyclopedia).
There is plenty of evidence suggesting that climate change exists due to human impact. G...

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...ave to face someday. The opposing views get people fired up and passionate, which will ultimately lead to a solution (Ewbank, “Tackling Climate Change”).

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