Climate Change, Peak Oil, Terrorism, Food Shortages and Financial Degradation

Climate Change, Peak Oil, Terrorism, Food Shortages and Financial Degradation

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In his documentary The Crisis of Civilization, Dr. Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed showcases the dangers facing our global state, and presents ways to reverse the process. It is imperative that societies understand the essence of localization and its integral possibilities and positive effects that it may have within a small or large community setting. As Ahmed (2011) explains it, communities need to become more “grass-roots” in the way they accomplish tasks, prosper and survive on a daily basis in order to not only seize the day, but seize the limitless possibilities that localization brings with it. Unless communities begin to develop more localized concepts about prospering and utilizing resources, the global community will continue to spiral down until an irreversible, negative change occurs: to prevent this, it is crucial to study, analyze and plan to assess our faults in order to move forward. Ultimately, this paper proves how extremely disadvantageous ways that modern civilizations have managed their resources will inevitably result in a mass collapse of the human structure we call modern day society. The first half of the paper outlines the environmental degradation, peak oil crises and terrorism issues the world faces today, while the last half focuses on the food and financial issues. Therefore, a discussion of how the harsh effects that the globe’s total ecological state, peaking oil and other non-renewable resources, terrorism, food crises and financial discrepancies will demonstrate how these effects have contributed to the downfall of modern civilization, and explore ways that communities and local processes can prevent these effects.
One of the most problematic causes to not only the failed global system, but to a potenti...

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...ovember 8, 2013
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