Civil War And Its Effects On The World War II Essay

Civil War And Its Effects On The World War II Essay

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The Seven Years’ War changed the relations between Britain, and their colonies in North America as their crippling war debt enabled Britain to infringe on the colonists liberties.The Seven Years’ War was fought between 1754-1763 in which the main powers of Britain, France, and Spain were involved ,culminating with the Treaty of Paris in 1763.The war was successful for the British as they acquired new lands such as parts of New France, Spanish Florida, islands of the West Indies, and establishing superiority over trading outposts.However the British were not left unscathed by the war, as the war had almost doubled the National Debt of Britain. The Crown, seeking sources of revenue to pay off their debt, attempted to impose new taxes on its colonies. These attempts were met with increasing resistance, and ultimately would pave the way for American Revolutionary War to occur.
When the Seven Years’ War ended Britain faced tremendous debt as the nation was nearing bankruptcy.Britain had used most of it’s income during the war on the war itself. Following the war’s conclusion,however, the politicians of Britain spent much more than the national income in servicing the war debt. Britain was able to purchase an empire following the victorious Seven Years’ War by merely spending more and collecting lower interest rates on its debt than the enemy did. However, the massive empire gained by Britain was a hollow victory, since the obligations of gathering public debt also contained implicit promises of payback and return on investment for the buyer. The government attempted to equalize the burden of debt, however, it became difficult for Britain to combine its new gains. Britain, because of its heavy debts from the war, pressured the Am...

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...a response to the Boston Tea Party,Parliament closed the port of Boston, and called for the Intolerable Acts. In response, colonies felt that the acts were a direct threat to their political freedom,united in opposition to break away in order to seek freedom.
The British faced severe debt from the Seven Years War, and thought by using their colonies for their own benefits that they would be able to quickly pay off their war obligations, however the colonists saw this as an act of war on their freedoms. Through The Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Act, and Tea Act colonists felt that the British saw them as merely objects, property,slaves, and not as citizens .The measures taken by Parliament to infringe on their rights were met with increasing resistance, and rebellion that enabled the colonists to stand up for their rights, thus leading to a fight for independence.

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