The Christian Family Of Changing Times By Robert M Hicks Essay

The Christian Family Of Changing Times By Robert M Hicks Essay

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Upon opening this book titled “The Christian Family in changing times”, I was eager for my mind to be stimulated with foundational truth from a biblical perspective. As I read the preface the book I immediately was barraged with secular thought mixed with biblical ideas. Much to my surprise it honestly motivated me to continue to read this book for a far deep purpose than the one I had originally intended. What had began as an assignment for my class had just become a search for the strategic vices that Satan has been using to destroy and deceive families since man fell into sin.
Robert M Hicks who is the author of this book begins the support of his perspective of Christian family with a preface titled “a time to rethink family” by stating “As an evangelical believer who hold firmly to the historic Christian faith expressed by the Apostles Creed and the Westminister Catechism”. This immediately calls into question whether Hicks is truly regenerate or just religious. Upon analyzing this I found the authors perspective to be secular and highly opinionated in various way but in this paper I will discuss his: Vague definition and understanding about Christians families, the misconceptions and misinterpretations of key principles concerning family, and his lack of substantial Biblical truth about family.

The first major flaw that I found with this book is Hicks never explicitly states his definition of what a Christian family is. Throughout the book he makes some attempts to establish what he deems a “Christian Family” to be but never clearly expresses his definition. The majority of his understanding about family is based on his own personal experiences and interpretations as a means of support for his position on family.

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...of man’s knowledge and understanding of Christians family, which deems it invaluable to any family whether Christian or secular. The fact that Hicks himself is in need of Biblical understanding. Though this book does have some biblical truths within its pages, it can only harm families holistically because it denies some of the foundational principles that God explicitly spoke of in Genesis and throughout the whole bible.
The publishing of this book with such apparent biblical flaws is an indicator of the state of Christian families in this nation. There is a true need for literature that expresses a biblical position and establishes Godly principles for a Christian family to understand and then live by. Though this book is not the ideal for biblical wisdom concerning Christian families it is the example of what today’s Christian families do not need anymore of.

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