Christian Dior and the House of Dior: Luxury and Brilliant Style Combined

Christian Dior and the House of Dior: Luxury and Brilliant Style Combined

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“When I opened my couture house I decided to dress only the most fashionable women from the first ranks of society.” –Christian Dior
Christian Dior impacted fashion by establishing the house of Dior, and creating the New Look in 1947. When Dior created his designs, he looked back on his French country heritage and childhood for inspiration. The House of Dior still incorporates Christian Dior’s past into modern day designs and honors his traditions. (De Racogne) The New Look shocked people out of World War II and austerity and into a new era of elegant fashion. Dior’s New Look made him, the House of Dior, and Paris, the recognized fashion icons, which have also been influential in modern times. The House of Dior is one of the most recognized luxury brands in fashion. Christian Dior, the original genius behind the brand, massively changed the fashion world by introducing his New Look in 1947. His design changed a world of dreariness and sacrifice of World War II into one with a bright future, especially in fashion. Many people loved the gentle curves of the silhouette, emphasizing the women’s hips and small waist. The New Look trickled down to the mass markets at a lower cost. Everyone had access to the basic design of the New Look. Even in today’s House of Dior, luxury and heritage is a priority. Monsieur Dior always tied his designs back to his childhood, which designers still do today. Every piece of an outfit has a meaning to it from Christian Dior’s life. Luxury is also supremacy in the House of Dior, much like it was for Mr. Dior. Overall, without Christian Dior, the world may still be in an unfashionable rut. His New Look shocked everyone out of the war and into a prosperous future. His house carries his legacy today.

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...ten work in the garden. Also, when he was older, and needed inspiration, he would visit his summer home to “be one with nature”. “Happiness pink” is a term Dior created to describe a light, soft pink. In stands for the color of his childhood home in Granville, which is now a museum. Black, red, and gray are also very common colors, which Dior thinks flatter almost everyone. “Red is the magical color that has created the strongest link between Dior and Galliano.”
Finally, three other common fabrics are houndstooth, Prince of Wales plaid, and lace. (Offices of the House of Dior) Designers must study these stories, in order to create a true Dior-esque collection. Famous lines from the house of Dior are the Zig-zag, in 1948, the Vertical, in 1950, the Tulip, in 1953, the H-line, in 1954, the A-line, in 1955, the Y-line, in 1955, and the Spindle line in 1957. (Krebs)

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