Essay on The Choice : Selfish And Dangerous

Essay on The Choice : Selfish And Dangerous

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I actually believe his choice was selfish and dangerous. Mike may have thought about his choice once he chose it but he didn’t think about how it really affected his family and himself. I named some of the results to his choices that would affect him but its way more things that could happen to him besides those options, those are just some traumatic results. Mike doesn’t know about how his choices affects his family mentally, physically, and even a bit spiritually depending on their religion. But his family could be stressing, worrying, and even hating their lifestyle because of his choices.
His mom may not get any sleep at night stressing about what he is doing when he is not at home or out late a nights. She could be worrying if she get a call saying he is dead, in critical condition, missing, or even robbed of all his money with him being their only source of income his family is in a very crucial hindrance if he is harmed in any kind of way. All those things can affect his father too but his father being a male it may affect his emotions very differently. Without Mike his parents would both have to get good paying jobs to maintain their home and cars and to afford to eat efficiently through their lifetime. Also Mike never even had to make that choice to start selling drugs. Mike and John are only teenagers in high school in the eleventh grade. Although, Mike may have wanted to provide for his family he is still a child and no child should have to be entirely reliable for the well-being of their family. It puts too much stress on the child and so much could happen to that child while trying to be that bread winner or supplier for their family. Since everyone in this situation has to take responsibility for their role in the ...

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...nd decision making go hand and hand is an important key to our livelihood. It’s so many factors when it comes to decision making, most definitely critical thing is one, but more skills are needed like problem solving, cause and effect, question and answer, does and don’ts, and etc.
The question is which skill are you going to use to make sure that your outcome is a good one, beneficial one, and impactful one. Once you have a solution to those questions you may have just found out the choice you need to make. Hopefully you choose the right choice or decision if not you will definitely find out when you made the wrong one. I advise any one to choose wisely or the wisely chosen will be of no existence. I want to leave on this quote stating:
“Your life today is a result of your thinking yesterday. Your life tomorrow will be determined by what you think today." God bless.

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