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Chinese Religion : Chinese Popular Religion Essay

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To seek the true understanding of what is the Chinese Popular Religion, is to first agree that there is no one set answer. Instead it is a wide variety of many different religious combinations in people’s lives. With elements of Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism and Traditional Religion all bond into practices at different times and parts in one’s life. A person can attend a Buddhist temple but lead a life in the ways of Confucianism. People seek monks to preform burial rights, but they can look to Traditional Religion for the conventional wisdom of elders. Chinese Popular Religion uses key features and keys practices in order to adhere to its faith, by looking at Chinese society for the roles religion plays in the everyday life, and to see the how Christianity has impacted Chinese society while seeking ways that Christians can enhance interactions within the Chinese society.
Chinese Popular Religion includes different religions rolled into one Traditional Religion. Some of these key features are the intertwining of society and religion, the complete balance of the universe as expressed in the Yin and Yang. Early traditional Chinese practices of fortunetelling, in order to seek guidance from the spiritual world. The use of Confucianism, “were He wanted all people to return to the basic of ideal state as it was supposedly lived out in the golden age” (Corduan, pg. 406, 2012). The Chinese Popular Religion uses rituals obligations from Daodejing, Buddhism and Confucius in an abstract sight.
“the goal of cultivation, and hence of life itself is spiritual elevation, achieved by eliminating karma, the built-up sins of past and present lives which often manifest themselves in individuals as illness and accumulating virtue” (Ownby, 2003). ...

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...t is far more important than any human relationship.
As this look into the Chinese Traditional Religion has shown, that there are far more variables and combinations than one person could ever truly define this religion down to a single term or definition. From seeking help from gods and ancestors that have passed away, to being able to pull from the four main schools of thought, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism and Traditional Religion. The Chinese Popular religion is a religion that needs years of studying and understanding to fully grasp the details and impact on society in their culture. One could study a life time on the four schools of thought and still be no closer to understanding their roles and how they conform in to this faith. “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don 't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps,” Confucius (Brainy Quote).

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