Child Development : Nature And Nurture Essay

Child Development : Nature And Nurture Essay

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In the study of child development, nature and nurture are two essential concepts that immensely influence future abilities and characteristics of developing children. Nature refers to the genetically obtained characteristics and abilities that influence development while nurture refers to the surrounding environmental conditions that influence development. Without one or the other, a child may not develop some important skills, such as communication and walking. The roles of physiological and psychological needs in a person’s life are also crucial for developing children. Humanistic psychologist, Abraham Maslow, suggested that humans don’t only aim towards survival, but also aim towards self-actualization (Rathus, P. 94).
A famous case that showed the missing concepts of nature, nurture and psychological needs in a child’s developing years is the worldwide known case about Genie. Genie, also known as “the wild child,” was found in a room by a social worker strapped to a potty chair at the age of thirteen where she had basically lived her whole life. Researchers nicknamed the girl “Genie,” because she merged into human society past childhood. (Everywhere Psychology, 2012). Genie was also referred to as “the wild child” because she was uncivilized and unable to walk or talk. When Genie was found, she was unable to speak any languages; she mostly stayed quiet or quietly mumbled noises.
Once researchers found out about Genie’s case, many of them had a great deal of interest in learning more about her. Scientists are not allowed to put any humans in solitary confinement for experimental reasons since it is known as the forbidden experience. Being kept in solitary confinement for thirteen years, scientists all over the world were int...

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...e’s story had many similarities to the one of Victor’s. Both Genie and Victor lacked nurture throughout their childhood, which led to both of them becoming incapable of functioning alone in human society. Genie and Victor were both never taught how to speak, which led to both of them having trouble learning a language passed puberty. Genie was also different from Victor, since she was raised in a household while Victor spent his childhood in the woods. Eventually, both Genie and Victor were not fully rehabilitated and unable to function in human society alone. A main reason why I believe Victor and Genie were unable to be rehabilitated, was because of the vigorous and numerous tests they had to endure. I also believe that if Genie and Victor were given more support and tested at a slower rate, there would have had been a much greater chance of future rehabilitation.

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