Essay about Characteristics Of Food Assistance Programs

Essay about Characteristics Of Food Assistance Programs

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An analysis of the past and present characteristics of food assistance programs in America will show the progress made to improve and ensure food security to millions of families in need with minimum abuse of the system. Each day millions of Americans are left wondering where their next meal is coming from. Food insecurity has been a major conflict in our nation for many years. With world population increasing exponentially, the race to provide adequate nutrition to those in need has become more challenging every day. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has made great efforts to ensure food security for millions of low-income families. Like any program, there will always be glitches and loopholes that allow for abuse of the system. Program eligibility requirements have made numerous attempts to patch these loopholes and ensure that only qualified participants are able to reap assistance benefits.
Over the years, food assistance programs such as SNAP have created a safety net of food security for millions of low-income families across the country. The foundation for the SNAP program was established in 1933 and referred to as the Federal Surplus Relief Corporation (Food Stamps). This program emerged in the midst of the Great Depression when crop prices fell dramatically and farms were struggling with excess supply. Federal programs assisted farmers by buying farm commodities at a discounted rate and distributing them to hunger relief agencies (Food Stamps). To improve the efficiency of this program and to avoid double distribution, the food stamp was created. In 1939, the Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace created the Food Stamp Program, which became a key component in the New Deal Program under the administration of ...

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...ome families that truly rely on food assistance for survival. To better regulate this corruption SNAP participants should be drug tested on a monthly basis to ensure that they are not abusing the program. In the grand scheme of things SNAP has aided millions of families that truly need assistance with food insecurity.
For decades the U.S. federal government has assisted disabled and low-income families struggling with food insecurity, despite the possible corruption of the program. Over the years, government officials have strived to improve the stability and functionality of food assistance programs. The future of the food assistance in America will face major challenges, as the projected world population will reach 9 million by the year 2050. The U.S. will be put to the ultimate test as we strive to push the limits of our resources to feed the world (USDA).

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