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Character list :
The main characters in this play are Blanche Dubois, Stella Kowalski, Stanley Kowalski, and Mitch. However, the minor characters are Eunice, Steve, Pablo, the Negro women, the doctor, the nurse, the Mexican woman, and the young collector.
Plot summary:
Lonely and desperate, the play 's protagonist, Blanche, arrives at Elysian Fields in New Orleans to visit her sister, Stella Kowalski. Stella 's husband, Stanley, dislikes Blanche 's presence, as well as her interest in Mitch. Throughout the play Stanley and Blanche struggle to gain Stella 's loyalty, which is something Blanche cannot attain. Stanley then exposes Blanche 's past to Mitch, as well as Blanche being fired from her job for having a relationship with a minor as well as her being driven out of Laurel. Soon after Mitch refuses to marry Blanche. On Blanche 's birthday, Stanley gives Blanche a ticket back to Laurel as a gift, and at this point Blanche starts turning more insane. Once Stella goes to the hospital to give birth, Blanche and Stanley are left alone in the apartment, then Stanley rapes Blanche. Blanche then becomes insane and is escorted to a mental institution. After, Blanche is removed everything goes back to the way life was before she entered the play except Stella cries mournfully.
The play is set in New Orleans in an urban apartment in the 1940 's. The Kowalski 's live in an apartment downstairs near a faded corner building. Most of the play is set here, I believe the reason most of the play takes place in the apartment is to cause more tension in the home between Blanche and Stanley, it gives me a claustrophobic feeling because of the tension among the characters, it also offers us more of an interior and exterior view of ...

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...ality has been too hard on her. She has every reason to act the way she acts. She deserves the comfort in her relationship with Mitch. Her one love committed suicide and the rest of her life was an act of forgetting. Stella is just the passive type of wife that submits to her husband. She accepts the blow Stanley gives her and then sleeps with him that very same night. She has no self-respect. And what kind of a sister would let her sister be taken by an institution! What a weak thing she is... And Stanley is exactly what Blanche said he was. He is a low-life, an ape in the jungle. He doesn 't care about anyone. He smashes things, rapes women, and has the nerve to throw Blanche away for good while lying to his wife... Blanche has a past that killed something in her. And at the end of this story, everything on earth is taken away from her. She is left with nothing.

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