Chapter 58: The Ending Essay

Chapter 58: The Ending Essay

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One hour later, at the ICU: Glasgow hospital...

Visiting hours were over as the pushy attending nurse cleared the room of all visitors. Lane's request to talk to Alpha Team alone was finally granted, but only after he pleaded his case and rang the “help” button a dozen times and threatened to leave the infirmary via taxi.

“This guy is ready for surgery and he is still thinking of nothing but business,” said Waldo, as he realized he would not be smoking in the hospital and put the cigarette behind his ear for safe keeping.

“Hush,” said Lane, as the look that crept upon his face showed that it was serious business that needed to be muttered in quiet circles. The smiles cleared off of their faces as they stepped forward and huddled up. “Nurse. Where are my belongings?”

“The first thing I did was send your clothes to the laundry room, Mr. Lane. You should get your things tomorrow morning.”

“Tell me you cleaned out the pockets.”

After she was done bringing in two more food trays for Hollingswell and Truin, she responded, “Of course I cleaned out the pockets.” She reached into the vanity that was beside his bed and pulled out a plastic bag filled with his personal items and handed it to him and then walked out of the room.

Lane looked up at Hightower. “It's in the bag, Lockwood.”

He was befuddled. “What is?”

“The other transmitter that I took out of the Jaguar when me and Blair were at Simon Bennett's flat.”

Rafi reached over and pulled the little black transmitter out of the bag and held it in his hand. “What, did you need a souvenir?”

“More than a souvenir−I took the battery out of it–is it in the bag?”

Rafi dumped the contents on the covers between Lane's legs, while Donovan and Wallace sorted through it.

“There. There's...

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...nging in more articles for the overnight hero's to read over and gloat as much as they wanted.

From the moment the phone beside him began ringing; Lujack knew that it was Rafi. There came a groggy, “Hello.”

“How did the surgery go?” Rafi asked.

“They got all the metal out of me. Can't feel a thing with all this dope in me.”

“Congratulations, my friend. Your transmitter trick worked. We have Breneman and three other hitters right here in the belly of the chopper. We are on our way to the Queen's estate in Scotland where Gilbert is.”

“You'll shit too. You are not going to any royal shindig without us. I can go in a wheelchair. Stop by the infirmary. I need to get out of here to get some air anyway.” He looked at the others and gave them the thumbs up sign. “Besides, the real heroes are the two men I am looking at right now: Hollingswell and Longley.”

The End

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