Challenges of a Global Business Essay

Challenges of a Global Business Essay

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Conducting global business is extremely complex and difficult. At times both countries involved may not be in agreement, but decide to conduct business anyway. For a company to conduct business in another country there is extensive research, negotiation, and compromise done before it can be finalized. Even though not all standards meet those of the United States, some companies continue to make business abroad. Some companies when investigated and found guilty of unethical behavior, blame their actions on not knowing about it or on the subcontractor or supplier. It is inevitable to avoid ethical issues when conducting global business. This is mainly because of differentiation of foreign laws, regulations, and policies. Among those there are also culture and language barriers that contribute to the origin of ethical dilemmas. More than anything cultures is one of the primary reason for why ethical issues come up amongst all others.

Globalization is criticized for its practice of unethical behavior in countries where individual’s freedoms are subjective. Some of many global ethical issues that exist in today’s world include corruptions and money laundering, human rights under totalitarian regimes, workplace conditions, environmental issues, respect for local customs and cultures, and many more (LEVINE). Developing nations are more susceptible to have ethical issues than developed countries. This is mainly due to cultures, customs, norms, and poverty.
Corruption and money laundering is being seen on the news across the border in Tijuana, Mexico. San Diego news is constantly reporting how the drug cartels are affecting the business in the city and stating that police are involved as well. The laundry of money has crossed the ...

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...nd judged.

In conclusion, globalization has changed the way societies work and the way individuals think and interact with one another. Regardless if whether we are or not in agreement with a foreign countries laws and conduct, there is little a foreign person can do. The ideal solution is for U.S. companies to do as much research about foreign countries laws, cultures to avoid being involved in unethical scandals.

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