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The Cause Of The American Revolution Essay

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The Cause of The American Revolution
The War of Independence that began in 1775 is commonly known as The American Revolution. It began in the rainy season of April due to rising tension between the colonist and Britain. The colonist disputed Britain’s right to impose taxes upon them because of a lack of representation in parliament and felt they were unjust as a result. Several of the taxes they rebelled against where the Tea Act of 1773, and the Stamp Act of 1765. Due to the rebellion of the colonist Britain imposed the Coercive Acts to reaffirm their position of power over the colonist. Their resistance to the taxes imposed upon them ultimately led to bloodshed in 1770, commonly known as the Boston Massacre. In this event, British soldiers opened fire on a few colonists while on duty. With this in mind, where theses events and the American Revolution preventable?
The starting point and possibly the greatest contributing factor for the taxes being imposed on the colonist began with the end of the seven-year war, which is known as the War of Conquest. Although it expanded Britain’s territory, it left them with a massive debt that made taxing the colonies rather appealing. As such, in 1776 British parliament (government) imposed its first of many taxes to come on the colonist. It is now known in history as the Stamp Act of 1776 and may have been the very event that sewed the seeds of rebellion with the colonist. Once the act was placed into affect, many began to resist or demand that it be repealed under the pretense that only their own elective colonial assemblies could tax them. They strongly believed the British government did not have the right to institute such a tax because they lacked representation within it. This was t...

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... by a squad of British Soldiers. This incident was spun in a way to fuel the seeds of rebellion. Although the Tea Act of 1773 lowered the price of tea in the colonies, the people were still outraged at the fact that parliament was still trying to impose a tax on them without fair representation. The people of Boston rebelled by dumping the tea from the ships into the Boston harbor. As a result of the a result of the Boston tea party incident and other acts of destruction the Coercive Tax was born. These four harsh acts ultimately lead to the birth of the first unified Continental Congress. Could this rebellion have been avoided if Britain had acted swiftly the first time the colonist rebelled against an act? Could this have been resolved if the British had simply added a few of the colonist to parliament to quell their arguments about taxation without representation?

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