Case Study : Fisher Vs. Texas Essay

Case Study : Fisher Vs. Texas Essay

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Fisher vs. Texas

In 1997, Texas legislature passed a law that all high school seniors were to be accepted to the University of Texas if they finish in the top ten percent of their class. The University of Texas followed this law but found that their student body was becoming less diverse. Diversity is very important to colleges because it helps the learning process. Colleges strive to have the most diverse student population.
To add diversity, the University of Texas decided to modify its race neutral policy. Now, the university would use race for admission decisions. The University of Texas continued to follow the rule that the top ten percent of high school students would be automatically admitted into the University of Texas. This rule accounted for 81% of 2008 's freshman class. However, the other 19% of applicants could still be admitted through having a good GPA, high-standardized test scores, family conditions, leadership, and race (FISHER v. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS).
In 2008, Abigail Fisher applied for undergrad admission to the University of Texas. Fisher, a white female, did not qualify for automatic admission because she was not in the top 10 percent of her graduating class. Abigail had a high school GPA of 3.59 and ranked in the top 12% of her class at Stephen F. Austin High School. She scored 1180 on the out of a possible 1600 on the SAT. To compare Abigail’s scores to the incoming class of University of Texas the 25th percentile was 1120 and 1the 75th percentile was 1370 on the SAT. Abigail was also involved in math competitions, the orchestra, and community service. Abigail was denied admission to the University of Texas. She believes she was denied admission because of on her race.
Abigail Fisher did not belie...

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... life is to be a man, not a black man, but a man (Shoichet).” Until people can live and not care about color, there will always be racial problems.
In a random poll by Gallup, they asked 4,373 adults if colleges should consider race in the application process. Of the respondents, only 28% of people agreed that race should be a factor in admission policies. These percentages varied between races. Only 22% of white Americans believed that race should be a factor compared to 31% of Hispanics and 48% of African Americans. Another interesting finding in this study was that education and opinions on this issue are related. The study found that the more education a person has received the more they believed race should be a factor. Gallup found that 45% of postgraduate students believed race should be a factor compared to only 23% of high school graduates. (Jones).

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