Case Study and Literature Review for Ok-AIM Monitoring Essays

Case Study and Literature Review for Ok-AIM Monitoring Essays

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Case Study and Literature Review

Case Study and Literature Review
Being a monitor for OK-AIM is more than just going into someone’s home and seeing how they live. As a monitor, you are going in to make sure their quality of life is great and that regulations are being met. You are also there to get to know the person and see how differently people adapt and live. One of the responsibilities is making sure the appointment time is good for you because it takes a lot of people and a lot of different schedules put together to make up this one visit. Secondly, you have to communicate with the program itself. If there is no communication between the monitor and the coordinator, it is difficult to maintain a trust relationship for future visits. Another way of communicating with the staff is letting them know if you are comfortable with working alone or if you need a trainer. If you feel like you need someone there to help guide you more than once, they need to know so that they can get the information they need from that home visit.
As a monitor you are responsible to TARC for making sure that the staff is doing their job, that codes are being kept, and that the individual is doing the best to their ability. You have to make sure that the staff is not blowing the individual off or that they know the information of the individual such as; hobbies, medications, schedules, and likes and dislikes. You are also responsible for giving the correct information. If incorrect information is presented then the problems that need fixed will not be addressed. Going into these homes and making sure that the individual has a great quality of life and observing the home, staff, and lifestyle, you are being their voice. Some individuals a...

... middle of paper ... advances the field by showing that science is not always the case. This was our mindset for the longest time and now things are changing. When we see that quality of life is very important to a person well-being, it will be easier for us to understand the disability or condition.
Case and review
In my visit to John’s house, I learned that people who are not considered “normal” can have a great quality of life. The article also confirms this, that people who are doing for themselves and are able to self-motivate can lead happy lives. Not everyone does this, even those who are considered “typical”. We all get wrapped up in other people’s lives and we all rely on others at some point. This case and article made me realize that we all can have quality of life issues, it is all about your attitude on life and how you present those things in your everyday living.

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