Essay about The Case Of Whale Killer Whale

Essay about The Case Of Whale Killer Whale

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The Killer Whale, that has a ring to it doesn’t it? Orcas, Killer Whales, are not actually Whales, in fact, they are a part of the Dolphin family. The name “Killer Whale” developed over time stemming from “Whale Killer.” They were once called Whale Killer due to the fact that sailors witnessed their attacks on larger cetaceans. Orcas are the largest member of the Dolphin family and the largest orca ever captured was 32 feet long. To put that in perspective, that’s about the size of almost 7 humans put together! Because of their size and strength, they are the largest apex predators on Earth. Although whaling was hugely popular, there is only one known community of Orcas, that are in fact, endangered having only 82 members of its pod. This community of orcas is called the Southern Resident Community.
There are different ecotypes of orcas, with that being said, the size and shapes of orcas widely range from community to community. One fact that doesn’t change is that adult male orcas are larger than adult female orcas. Not only do they weight more than the female orca, they typically have longer dorsal fins, pectoral flippers, tail flukes, and girths. The average male can range between 5.8m to 6.7 in length while the average female length is 4.9m to 5.8m. Orcas do remain to have a cylinder-shaped body that tapers on each end of the body. With the shape of their bodies, it allows the orcas to move more fluently through the ocean. The colors of orcas are typically the same except when they are calves. They are dominantly black and white with a gray patch, known as the saddle, on the back near its dorsal fin. It is said that the white and gray patches on the orcas are meant to help when they’re hunting for prey along with their pod. ...

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...ductive systems and can cause key genetic alterations which can cause normal physiological functions to be disrupted. Navy Sonar has also played a part in the community being put on the endangered species list. In 2003, the Shoup released an SQS-53C sonar for five hours causing death to the communities primary food source, salmon. Dammed rivers and over-forestation also played a huge part in the death of the salmon which caused this pod to feed on contaminated bottom fish. The community is currently at 82 members.
Orcas are extremely intelligent animals. They are tied for the top fasted marine mammal. With their speed, body size, and intelligence it makes sense as to why these mammals are apex predators. They are such playful and beautiful animals. There is still so much to learn about the orca community and so much that will remain a mystery to us for years to come.

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