Captive Tiger Management Activity in Malacca Zoo and Surabaya Zoo Essay

Captive Tiger Management Activity in Malacca Zoo and Surabaya Zoo Essay

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Tiger is a wild animal and usually thrives on the top of the food chain within its original ecosystem. They used the chasing feeding method, in which they chase their food. In the wilderness, the preys usually are large, hooved, and of high quality animals such as deer, antelope, or even horse in some cases. The term “tiger” are derived from the Latin word tigris, in which it mean “a spotted tiger hound of Actaeon” (Harper, 2014). This “big cat” falls within the genus Panthera, where some researchers suggest that it was derived from old French word “pantere” that mean “the yellowish animal”. According to Pocock (1939), this species are named as Panthera tigris. In South East Asia, some of the major names that implement the official rules and regulations for the captive managements are the South East Asian Zoos Association (SEAZA), TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Besides that, one of the important international agency that regulates and improves the wildlife policy is the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) and they had implemented several plans that benefits the survival of selected endangered species. One of their plan that benefit global tiger population is the Species Survival Plans (SSP), in which they focused on reinforcing the wild population and at the same time, establishing and prioritizing research, conservation, and management activities (Association of Zoos & Aquarium (AZA), 2009).

Some of the locally established Malaysian wildlife agencies are Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tiger (MYCAT), Malaysian Nature Society, Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia, Wildlife Conservation Society-Malaysia Programme and WWF-Malaysia (The Malayan Tiger, 2010). Most of them a...

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