Essay on Capital Punishment Is Not Only The Fate Of An Individual

Essay on Capital Punishment Is Not Only The Fate Of An Individual

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Capital punishment remains one of the most polarizing and controversial issues of today. This is largely because of how much hangs in the balance of the decision a state makes on the legality and morality of the death penalty. What is at stake is not only the fate of an individual, but also the definition of morality in a state and society that condones the execution of one of its citizens, whether or not the execution is justified. There have been varying arguments on either side of the debate with different parameters like closure, justice, and religion being applied. I argue that while it must be applied with the utmost care, capital punishment still has a place in society today and can be justified.
Capital punishment is a punishment only meted out in the rarest of the rare cases and only after exhaustive proof is provided to determine the guilt of the accused. However, mistakes do occur occasionally and this is one of the arguments forwarded by its detractors. In fact, the Quran argues that it would be better to imprison or even let 100 criminals go than to kill one innocent person. However, this argument detracts from any of man 's actions because human error is inescapable. So rather than to eliminate capital punishment, active efforts must be made in order to make sure that this error is at its lowest possible level.
Why is the continued existence of capital punishment necessary? One argument that holds water is derived from the Protestant school of thought. This argument is not only valid in a religious perspective but in a civil arena as well. It is that the punishment must be made to fit the crime. So even allowing for the possibility that the state cannot sentence a criminal, whose crime is deserving, to death goe...

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... of their children 's ' murderer. In the next instant, you see them be disappointed. This represents an argument that the death penalty does not, in fact, bring families closure, which is often touted as a validation for state sanctioned execution. This should make no difference as I have said since punishment is not about the victims but about the crime in the context of the law.
Capital punishment is, therefore, a discussion that has no easy answers in terms of its validity or necessity. However, it is my belief that judicial execution is not an option that should be taken lightly or implemented in cases where alternatives are available in terms of providing punishment equal to the crime. However, the criminal justice system should retain the option of the death sentence for those few cases that cannot be justly punished without the execution of the guilty party.

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