Essay about Capital Punishment Is An Option

Essay about Capital Punishment Is An Option

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America is a country in which heinous acts are committed each day. Every time one turns on the news, one hears another report about a senseless crime. Children are being strangled. Husbands are being offed so that their widows can collect life insurance. Drug lords are executing their clients that owe the gangster hefty sums. What is to be done about all of the criminals loose in our own backyards? Parts of the United States have decided that capital punishment is an option. If a human being has committed a crime that is unfathomably detestable, then a jury can find him or her guilty and condemn the defendant to a death sentence. While some argue that a death sentence is cruel and uncivilized, many would agree with its use in situations in which all reasonable doubt has been diminished.
Capital punishment is a necessary evil to combat the sea of sick minds that live in America. The home of the free has become so liberating that people truly believe they can commit any crime they so choose; crime rates will not cease skyrocketing. For this reason, capital punishment must be used more efficiently. As a union, the United States must stand together on the subject of the death penalty. In order for capital punishment to really work, the United States must project a clear view of the consequences of taking a human life. Edward I. Koch, former mayor of New York mentions, “one does not have to like the death penalty in order to support it any more than one must like radical surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy in order to find necessary these attempts at curing cancer. . . . [T]o give up and do nothing would be far more barbaric . . . ” (484). In this statement, Koch is comparing the extinction of murderers, rapists, etc. to the removal o...

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...tence, but it would also cost taxpayers’ dollars to feed and house him or her for the rest of his or her eternity. If a person decides to take another person’s life away from them, their life should, in turn, be taken away. The criminal should not be given the choice of living out the rest of their days as a nuisance to society.
Capital punishment is a tough decision for any jury to make and it should not be taken lightly. Ending a man’s life is a serious matter and should only be used in situations in which the criminal has brought it upon himself and no reasonable doubt remains. While some will cling to their belief that the death penalty is too disturbing a punishment, those individuals stand against the majority. Capital punishment gives value to the life of a human—a value so immense that the only punishment which matches the crime is death of the perpetrator.

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