Capital Punishment And Its Effect On Crime Essay

Capital Punishment And Its Effect On Crime Essay

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This term paper is on one of the most controversy discussion known as Capital Punishment. This is a topic in which the writer believes does not have a positive effect on decreasing crime in the world. For almost three years now, the writer has grown a passion for criminal behavior in some of the notoriety of a few crime cases that resulted in Capital Punishment and Wrongful Executions. One of my personal favorite crime cases in history is the Scottsboro Boys. This case represents an incident where five innocent African American men nearly faced execution after being accused and convicted of raping two white females on the back of a train back in 1931. This case is one of many reasons I am against capital punishment because it can lead to wrongful deaths of innocent men and women without justified evidences and witnesses. The writer is also against Capital Punishment because a person could be wrongfully convicted and put to death by a grand jury, while the actual criminal may already be sitting in jail for a lesser sentencing or still out committing other crimes. In this paper, the writer will provide more history on capital punishment, forms of capital punishment, and why many see capital punishment as immoral. The writer will include discussion on the types of crime that can result in a person facing capital Punishment, as well as “Does Capital Punishment have a deterrent effect on lessening crime?”

Capital Punishment
History of Capital Punishment
Merriam Webster defines Capital Punishment as “the practice of killing people as punishment for serious crimes (“Capital Punishment”). Capital Punishment was once considered ceremony opened to the public until the nineteenth century. Melusky and Pesto (2011) describes the watching of ...

... middle of paper ...

...ric chair, far from being unconscionable, is completely justified. Painless lethal injection, which is the process of choice in many states, seems too good for someone who in callous disregard for his victim shed innocent blood. Hanging or the firing squad or a painful electric shock seem more fitting to most acts of murder. (Cassell and Bedau 2004:52).

Others who are for Capital Punishment feel that it should be maintain because it has allow citizens to get and provide murderers with what they deserve. Those who are against Capital Punishment believes that error could happen as in an innocent victim could be executed as well as Capital Punishment is morally unjust (Manning and Rhoden-Trader 2000:22).
Does it Deterrent on Crime?
Many have questioned if Capital Punishment have a deterrent effect on crime. Based on recent studies done by researchers, it is said that

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