Essay about Business Plan for Jose's Pizza

Essay about Business Plan for Jose's Pizza

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Introduction 5
Location of restaurant 7
Competition 12
Kingstreet Trio 12
Nick & Nats 12
Zoup 13
Sole restaurant & wine Bar 13
Uptown café 13
The Bauer Kitchen 13
Milagro 13
Bottoms up method price calculation 14
Share division 15
Description of the business is sub-divided into following i.e. nature, customer base, and operations. 16
Nature of Business 16
Customer Base 16
Operations 17
Contingency Plan – Strategies for Diagnosing and Responding to Market Issues. 17
Some of the risks involved can be as followed 18
Lack of sales 18
Climate 18
Management 19
Excessive cost 19
Systems in restaurant operation 19
Inventory 19
People Practice 19
Training 20
Scheduling 20
Preventive Maintenance 20
Food safety 20
Safety and security 20
References 23

The report is made to the best of our knowledge, work experience of the partners put together to form the foundation of the business with the help of our professor Ahmad Khan which helped us with setting up the outline for the project which is been shown in the table of content .The business plan on the proposed restaurant which is to be established at the uptown waterloo called the Jose’s Pizza. It also contains the location, mission statement, corporate structure, strategic objectives of the restaurant. It consists the nature of accounts, about the market, the management, systems in the restaurant operation, the risk involved in the business.


... middle of paper ...

...icines are also there in the restaurant.

As per the analysis done on the planned project we have come to the conclusion that for the first year we will be targeting for a break even business, but from the accounting figures we came to know that we are earning a profit of about $ 32,000 in a year. So we are planning to go ahead and open the restaurant by the end of this year, following all the major steps of the business aspects are taken into consideration.

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