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The Business Of The Time Essay

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The Business of The Time
One of the largest businesses of this time era was the Atlantic Slave Trade. The difference between the slave trade and today’s business, is that both parties are far from benefitting. After doing research and reading the documents in the textbook it is fair to say that there are several different stories and accounts that took place and none of them are exactly the same. The perception people would get from the articles they read would all depend on where the author was from, and what side of trade he was taking part in. After going through and analyzing the three documents that were assigned there were different outlooks you could take away from them due to the fact that they were written by three people that took three totally different responsibilities in the slave trade. The slave trade was not morally right, but it was the most economical sounds method for the Europeans and the kings and rulers of Africa were benefitting so much from it that they allowed it to keep going.
In document 14.2, it gave the perspective of a European merchant, Thomas Phillips, from that time. This journal really gave great insight on the business side of the Atlantic slave trade and the Europeans mindset. It talked about how he had to go meet with the king, and then the king’s noblemen would escort him from there. In the Journal of a Voyage Made in the Hannibal of London, Thomas Phillips states, “ When we were at the trunk, the kings slaves, if he had any, were the first to be offered for sale,… and we must not refuse them, tho’ as I observ’d they were the worst slave in the trunk” (Phillips 704). He then went on to talk about how the Africans would shave the heads of the slave they were trying to sell so you coul...

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...lso declining from such a large number of slaves being captured and sent to the Americas. These letters show that the Europeans are not helping the African Kingdoms like they use to. They were far more focused on getting as many slaves as they could and as quickly as they could to help make them as much money as possible in the Americas.
After going through and analyzing all of all of the different pieces of literature, people could conclude that every person involved with the slave trade had a different experience depending on where they came from the their place in society. One of the most significant reasons that the Atlantic slave trade last so long is because the Europeans were one of the wealthiest and most powerful civilization of that time. They also keep in good contact with the kings of African kingdoms treating them with goods that were much needed.

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