Essay about Business Ethics: McDonnell Douglas' Lack of Solidarity

Essay about Business Ethics: McDonnell Douglas' Lack of Solidarity

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The reason I chose to write about this company McDonnell Douglas is because I felt that what they did was appalling and demonic. They dehumanized the passengers and only seen profit margins. One may say that McDonnell Douglas imps did not know the meaning of the word “solidarity”: Solidarity is a principle of Catholic Social Teaching. This principle means the firm and preserving determination to commit oneself to the common good. This principle incorporates other principles like Human Dignity, Community, Common Good, Stewardship, and Option for the Poor, that is what we are to demonstrate in our actions. This principle does not always come into play with many corporations; Furthermore when things like this come into play, one may say that a company is participating in unethical business practice. This is the reason why an American commercial aircraft industry company named McDonnell Douglas failed to reach their full potential in designing aircrafts. Their lack of ethical appropriate behavior has shown many that the expense of a change of a product is more important than losing lives over something that could have been prevented. There are three ways this situation could have been avoided but yet was not: First, finding an ethical way of putting the consumer long term goals first and increasing profitability (ex. maintaining a good company image). Secondly, look at the short term effect of being unethical, and receiving high profitability and long-term effect of being caught and having to file bankruptcy finally; McDonnell Douglas has an ethical responsibility for the lives of the people who use their product. McDonnell Douglas had a responsibility to the people to provide them a quick trouble free flight to and from their chosen...

... middle of paper ... chain. And what if they had to file bankruptcy everyone does it. We live in a capitalistic society. And what is “Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without hell” (Borman, Frank) and who really believes in hell, do you think the under handed, self-righteous, egotistical, serial killer, sinner McDonnell Douglas do? But, I don’t know, I’ll let you decide.

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