Business Effective Management: Kristens Cookie Company Case Essay

Business Effective Management: Kristens Cookie Company Case Essay

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Kristens Cookie Company case offers the business start-up idea which is based on the concept of production of freshly baked custom made cookies at order using available set or resources (labor, energy, ingredients, mixer, tray, utensils, and oven), and selling them at affordable prices on campus to the fellow students four hours each night. To analyze key operations parameters and propose recommendations for business improvement or expansion it is necessary to define process and activities, their throughput time, as well as to identify system capacity and its bottlenecks if any. “Both trade and academic journals have reported cases in which companies have achieved operational excellence by means of focused process improvement and effective management and scheduling of constrained resources” (Gupta, Chahal, Kaur, & Sharma, 2010, p.864).

1. How long will it take Partners to fill a rush order?

Assuming that the rush order is placed for one dozen cookies it will take at least 26 minutes (process throughput time) to fill it. This is a sum up of the time of all processing steps the total time from the moment the order arrives till it is finished.

Display 1. Gantt Chart of the Process

Will it take you any longer to fill a two-dozen cookie order than a one-dozen cookie order?

Baking is the longest process as it takes 10 minutes (activity throughput time). Mixing can be done simultaneously with any other activity. Spooning can be done only after mixing is finished and the tray is empty (no baking, cooling, or packing). Baking can be done only when the tray is filled.
Assuming that only one tray is available, Partner A can start spooning the next order, only when Partner B has finished packing and the...

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