Essay on Bureaucracy Of Criminal Justice And America

Essay on Bureaucracy Of Criminal Justice And America

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The criminal justice system and America in general has a lot of bureaucracy. The bureaucracy can sometimes become a hindrance to the people that the system is supposed to be helping. Rarely, do we hear anyone state they are glad for bureaucracy or the red tape bureaucracy seems to create. I think myself and many Americans at first glance dislike bureaucracy; however this appears to be the most prevalent organizational model in most businesses.
According to our book “we owe many of the original insights regarding the structure and functioning of bureaucracies to the work of the famous sociologist Max Weber (Palmiotto and Unnithan). While watching the movie Brubaker we also saw how bureaucracy worked for and against the prisoners at the prison. The bureaucracy at Wakefield State Prison in the movie showed the works for the prison bureaucracy along with the bureaucracy from community, prison board and government officials.
We believe that some of the major advantages of bureaucracy are “the presence of a hierarchy makes it clear who is in charge and designates individuals at the higher levels who will think about and plan for the long term while those at lower levels can work on the day-to-day processing of cases that comes to the attention of the agency (Palmiotto and Unnithan). In addition “when dealing with members of the public who show up in the police department as offenders, victims, and witnesses, it is a good idea to expect officers to treat them professionally, correctly, and as equally as possible, without fear or favor. Next “written rules of conduct allow both officers and members of the public to kn...

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...ker truly did not have support from the outside, besides talk, he was doomed to fail in truly reforming the prison.
We learned many outcomes from reading chapters 5-8 and watching the movie Brubaker. The most important things we learned was the advantages and disadvantages of bureaucracy. We learned bureaucracy has many downfalls, however we also cannot deny that bureaucracy some advantages and in it an ideal type of organization then bureaucracy is the rational and efficient form of organization.
The reflections on bureaucracy allowed our group to see how things were and helped us see what we might or might not have done in the same situation as Brubaker. This allowed us to reflect on our own morals and make judgements on how we could see bureaucracy in itself can corrupt the system instead of helping the system.

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