Bullying Is A Global Phenomenon Impacting Today 's Society Essay

Bullying Is A Global Phenomenon Impacting Today 's Society Essay

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Bullying is a global phenomenon impacting today’s society in so many ways. Not only does bullying or harassment happen in someone’s own town but in the whole United States, in other countries, and the whole world. Bullying happens most among teenagers and children as young as the age of five. With social media and technology being an important part of teens’ lives, it can be used as a weapon to the cause of cyber bullying. In other countries where technology is not commonly used, verbal and physical bullying will be the two biggest types of bullying methods used. In many online cases about bullying the end result in most of the cases is suicide, where in the United States the third leading cause of young people dieing is suicide due to any type or form of bullying. In the United States cyber bullying will be the common source because of the easy access to technology and it is not a face to face interaction where the bully knows they can not get physically hurt. It is a win situation for the bully because it is the easiest and devious way to mess with anyone since people always post or share things about themselves. Not only does bullying or harassment happen among teenagers or children but to older group ages as well. To adults the phrase harassment is more commonly used than bullying because bullying is an intent to physically hurt someone rather than using words. Harassment is wanting a feeling of control and satisfaction and older age groups fall into this category rather than bullying because most of the time slurs or remarks are used among adults. Older teens of the ages eighteen to twenty have less of a risk of going through any type of bullying considering the fact that by that age they are no longer in high school.
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...any type of bullying are dangerous for the victim, getting help is crucial. Since social media is a part of everyone 's daily life it is the perfect opportunity and easiest ways to cyber bully anyone no matter who they are. It provides a way for the bully to hid themselves from who they really are to prevent any type of criminal charges they may face. The internet has made it very easy to communicate with others thus enhancing the way bullying happens between children. More and more children at young ages begin to use social media sites where anyone from any age group can join as well. This is one of the major causes of online harassment. Anyone can hide how old they actually are by posting a fake picture as the owner of the account and in today 's society many relationships start via internet. This gives online harassers the ability to harass anyone they please.

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