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“Human cloning will take place, and it will take place in my lifetime. And I don't fear it at all - I welcome it. I think it's right and proper that we continue this kind of inquiry.” (Tom Harkin)
Imagine a world where there was no fear of diseases or infertility. A world where parents could choose and pick the desired traits they would like to see in their children. The human cloning process is slowly but surely developing to become an official process worldwide, to provide benefits to our species. You may be wondering, what is human cloning? There are two categories in which human cloning are grouped. One being human reproductive cloning which is the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human, and the other being therapeutic cloning where in human cells are cloned for use in medicine and research. At the moment, human reproductive cloning is banned in a large percentage of the world. However, therapeutic cloning is allowed in many parts of the world including the United States of America and Great Britain. So is it a good idea or a recipe for disaster?
The most dominant reason for the legalisation of human cloning is that it saves lives. Due to the fact that a large percentage of people globally will suffer from organ failure at some point in their life, through the means of cloning, organ donation would become an easier process. If the patient can be cloned, then the resulting organ needed would be perfect for that patient. In 1988, San Francisco a girl named Anissa suffered from cancer. The only therapy available was to kill all of her stem cells, of which she needed to survive. Her parents decided to have another baby for bone marrow transplantation, which was completed successfully with the baby only being 14...

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...ey certainly can rejuvenate the tissue.” Two months ago, Chloe, 2, received an infusion of her own stem cells and her progress is remarkable, said her father, Ryan Levine. “Her therapist said she’s made a 50 percent recovery,” he said. “She can walk, run, and do sign language with her right hand.” (Dr. Manny Alvarez, FOX News)
In conclusion, I believe that human cloning is a positive step forward in Britain’s society and that the technology of cloning will certainly improve the standard of living, simplify existing procedures and most importantly, save lives. Those who argue that cloning interrupts the natural process of life and that it would create a slippery slope I believe are mistaken because as a result, it would far outweigh the cost in human materials providing benefits for all species. If clones are treated the same way as humans, cloning can only help.

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