Brief Summary of Babylon by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner by Randall Jarrell

Brief Summary of Babylon by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner by Randall Jarrell

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In the reading of “Babylon Revisited” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is the tale of the return of an American expatriate to Paris. The protagonist is named Charlie Wales. We find him in the Ritz bar chatting to the barman about the whereabouts of his past drinking buddies. He also describes Paris as being mostly desolate compared to many years earlier. Charlie describes himself as being soberer for more than a year and he now lives in Prague. He then leaves in a taxi and moves about aimlessly through Paris. Later in time, Charlie goes to his brother-in-law’s house where is five year old daughter Honoria jumps in his arms. As the story progresses, we realize that Charlie Wales returned to Paris to regain custody of his daughter, who presently lives with his sister in law. His sister in law hates him and his blamed for the death of his wife Helen. Helen died few years ago meanwhile Charlie was in a mental institution. Eventually, Charlie wins her trust and makes urgent plans to leave with Honoria. This happiness is short lived after two former party friends of Charlie, show up at the home of his sister in law asking him to come and drink with them. Charlie’s affiliation with this group, causes her to change her mind about letting him take is daughter back. Lastly, he returns to the bar hoping that, in few months he would get another chance to get Honoria. Charlie is determined not to drink and party with his friends, but we are not sure if his improved from the old days. He also shows a bit of nostalgia from his old days. Charlie has many flaws, but at the same time also charismatic and persuasive speaker. Charlie is not a victim, but sympathetic yes.

In the reading of “The Death of the ball Turret Gunner” by Randall Jarrell. Th...

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...eats until the eggs are hatched (Moore, 2013, p. 1999). As times changed, so did mentality. Moore is trying to change society’s view of women. She is trying to show that a woman can accomplish a lot more than first thought. Marianne Moore also uses descriptions from Greek mythology. She refers to the ancient serpent Hydra, Cancer the crab and the hero Hercules. These references give us an idea that Moore portray’s the Nautilus and women, to be strong and adaptable in a new modern society. From my understanding of the poem, the conflict is the inequality in which women were treated. Humanity did not believe that women were capable of accomplishing everything such as man. In the present time, I believe there is still a masculine mentality in certain cultures. Moore took a great step forward to better change this issue that as afflicted society for a long time.

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