Breaking Bad: How the Show Deals with Gender and Violence Essay

Breaking Bad: How the Show Deals with Gender and Violence Essay

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In many ways the inception of the television has been a growing phenomenon in our history, cultivating many moments that changed the view of how we preserve what influences us and how we become who we are. The television has since become so important in people’s lives showcasing films, news, shows, commercials, etc. estimating a whopping 96% universal presence in U.S. households (David Croteau, 2014) one can wonder if what is shown in television is a product of the environment or the product of the viewer. This brings me to two major themes in media, women and violence, and how it might have a connection towards what viewers seem to relate too. In this case the examination of the critically acclaimed show Breaking Bad and in particular its protagonist Walter White and his wife Skyler White and how the show deals with the issue of violence and gender.
When delving into Breaking Bad one must ask what ideology is. According to David Croteau and William Hoynes, ideology is “basically a system of meaning that helps define and explain the world” although as much as ideologies reflect the world, most of the time it shows it in a distorted way. So what is the position of contemporary media? Well for the most part in order to understand the ideology of media you must look into its history, older media such as the television programs of the 1950s and early 1960s, which were primarily focused on white casts and male leads (David Croteau, 2014). For example the shows Gunsmoke and Bonanza which ran from 1955 to 1975 and 1959 to 1973 respectively, both shows are western programs and both shows have white casts with male leads, also both shows feature woman as side characters to the male lead. Viewing the television series now is pretty easy ...

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