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The brain is the most complex part of the human body. The weight of the human brain weighs three pounds in mass. This three-pound organ controls the seat of intelligence, the interpreter of the senses, initiator of body movement and controller of behavior (reference). The human brain is like a live network of parts that all interact and work together; each part has their own properties. All these parts that work together control the human body. The parts that work together are the Forebrain, midbrain and the hindbrain. It is beyond ones capacity to imagine that an organ in such a small mass can be responsible for all the functions of the human body, hearing, tasting, emotions, love, yawning, blinking vision and many more functions. Scientists had learned more about the human brain, than in the precious years. The human brain had still remained a sensitive field of research for most scientists. However still researches are being conducted on the brain for further invents and technological updates in science. Amputations had triggered a new uprising of thinking in scientist on how to combine between robotics (artificial parts) and the human brain.
Every handshake, footstep or movement of a body part is the outgrowth of the brain exchanging information with an arm or leg. However the main question in this situation is what if that link between the limb and the brain was severed? This is known as an amputation. What is exactly does the term amputation mean? According to the dictionary definition an amputation is a removal of a body part of the main body, whether it’s by a prolonged constriction or a surgery. According to research that had been done by the National Center for Health, that thirty percent of people have amputatio...

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...ent the scar tissue formation problem against the foreign materials. Although they are safe they have poor signal quality .They are extensively used in the artificial limbs movement and organs. EEG, MEG, and MRI are widely technology used under the category of invasive brain interface. EEG is the most studied non-invasive brain interface.

In the imagine above it breaks down the Brain- machine interfaces into the types of BMI that are used by scientists to combine the function of the brain and the robotic parts and limbs.
EEG is measurement of electrical activity produced by brain as recorded from electrodes placed on the scalp. An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a measure of the brain’s voltage fluctuations as detected from scalp electrodes It is an approximation of the cumulative electrical activity of neurons It is the foundation of current BMI research’s.

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